2017-2018 Season

2017-2018 STAGEWORKS Season

September 10 – 11, 2017                       Dear Love by Jerome Kilty
The story of the legendary love between Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning as told through their own letters and poems. A touching reminder of the power of words.

October 9, 2017                                            Killer Joe by Tracy Letts
The exciting first play by the author of August: Osage County. A dark comedy, featuring a twisted murder plot, white trash stereotypes, and plenty of humor through dirty realism.

November 13, 2017                                     Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckborne
An intricate time traveling comic thriller, involving an attempt to rewrite history or die.

January 8, 2018                                            Lost Lake by David Auburn
An engrossing and revealing portrait of two strangers bound together by circumstance. A vivid play about ordinary people who struggle for connection in an imperfect world.

February 12, 2018                                        The Way We Get By by Neil LaBute
An awkward situation, thwarted expectations, a fishbowl society. A play about love and lust with a nod toward the idea that even the most challenging problems can be worked out.

February 26, 2018                                 The Flick by Annie Baker
A hilarious and heart-rending cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world, set in a run-down movie theater, one of the last of its kind. Winner of several awards, including the 2014 Pulitzer.

March 12, 2018                                             After Miss Julie by Patrick Marber
A reimagining of August Strindberg’s classic story about sexuality and class distinction, relocated in a country house outside London on the eve of Labour’s historic landslide in 1945.

April 9, 2018                                                  A Number by Caryl Churchill
A beguiling psychological thriller about human cloning that blends scientific speculation with a stunning portrait of the relationship between fathers and sons.

May 14, 2018                                                 Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl
The classic myth of Orpheus told through the eyes of its heroine. This contemporary tale is a moving fable about love, loss and the pain and pleasure of memory.

June 11, 2018                                                  The Nance by Douglas Carter Beane
Set in the raucous world of 1930’s burlesque, this is the backstage story of Chauncey Miles and his fellow performers when it was easy to play gay and dangerous to be gay.

July 9, 2018                                                     Scenes from the Early Realists
Some of your favorite actresses perform some of their favorite bits from the early realists – Ibsen, Chekhov, Shaw and more.

August 13, 2018                                              The Language Archive by Julie Cho
A man consumed with preserving the dying languages of far flung cultures finds that language fails him closer to home. A smart, funny, tender look at the gulf between what is said and what isn’t.


October 20 – November 5, 2017                                                      Agnes of God by John Pielmeier
A court appointed psychiatrist is summoned to examine the sanity of a young nun who is accused of murdering the infant she gave birth to in a cloistered convent and is met with opposition in the convent’s Mother Superior. A powerful drama that examines the meaning of faith and the power of love.

December 1 – December 10, 2017                                                    The Jacksonian by Beth Henley
Southern Gothic with a large helping of murder, mayhem, suspense and dark humor. Set in 1964 in Jackson, Mississippi, this twisted roller coaster ride involves a dentist whose wife has kicked him out, their teenage daughter, a gold-digging motel employee and a treacherous bartender. What could go wrong?

February 23 – March 4, 2018                                              The Whipping Man by Matthew Lopez
The Civil War is over and it is Passover. A Jewish Confederate soldier, severely wounded, returns to his ruined home, abandoned save for two former slaves. This award-winning play is about redemption and forgiveness, about the lasting scars of slavery, and the responsibility that comes with freedom.

April 20 – April 29, 2018                                            The Totalitarians by Peter Sinn Nactrieb
Penny is running for office in Nebraska, and enlists the help of Francine, a silver-tongued operative. Francine’s doctor husband is lying to his dying patients – one of whom opens his eyes to Penny’s nefarious plan for the Cornhuskers. A raucous dark comedy about the state of modern political discourse, modern relationships, and how easy it is to believe truths without facts

June 22 – July 1, 2018                                The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno
Meet Bob and Jennifer and their new neighbors, John and Pony. They are finding out they have more in common than their identical homes and shared last names. A poignant, humorous, inside look at the people next door, the truths we think we know and the secrets we never imagined we all might share.

August 17 – 26, 2018                                                             The Nether by Jennifer Haley
Enter a virtual wonderland that provides total sensory immersion. Just log in, choose an identity and indulge your every desire. But when a young detective uncovers a disturbing brand of entertainment, it triggers an interrogation into the darkest corners of the imagination. A sci-fi crime drama that debates the ethics of technology and asks what constitutes a crime in a world of relative realities.

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