The Acting Ensemble values our audience, volunteers and the community.  We will follow CDC guidance regarding the COVID 19 pandemic to keep everyone safe and well.

  1. Environmental
    1. Surfaces –
      1. All surfaces that are frequent touch including door handles and counter tops are disinfected using a bleach water solution (% following CDC guidelines) or disinfecting cloths before and after all performances
      2. Surfaces are cleaned more often but at least once per hour during periods of time when there are high levels of mobile activity in the building
      3. Chairs and other contact surfaces are disinfected after all performances following CDC guidelines
    2. Bathrooms:
      1. Signs regarding proper hand washing will be posted.
      2. Bathrooms are disinfected prior to and after each performance
      3. Bathrooms are provided with paper towels and appropriate non-contact closed trash containers
    3. Hand Sanitizers:
      1. Hand sanitizer is available to anyone entering the building at the Front Entrance and, for volunteers entering into the set design space, at that door.
      2. Hand sanitizer is at each table or work space.
  2. Volunteers and Audience
    1. Entry Signs:  At each entry, signs are displayed that indicate proper use of face masks.  Signs indicating symptoms of COVID which would prohibit entry are displayed
    2. Masks: Optional and appreciated for audience and volunteers.   Actors are COVID tested prior to the run of a show, and may choose to mask during performance.
  3. Vaccinations: Strongly encouraged; required for artistic staff.
  4. Air Purifiers: Installed in both theaters for air purification.
  • This plan will be modified to reflect the current pandemic status and CDC and other regulatory or advisory guidelines



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