Auditions for The Minotaur

Acting Ensemble will hold its auditions for The MINOTAUR by Anna Ziegler on December 14 and 15 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at 7:00pm each night at Acting Ensemble’s new home, Ensemble on the Avenue, 602 E. Mishawaka Avenue.

Auditioners and staff are expected to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and will need to wear a mask for the auditions. The cast will also need to have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of the performance. With ever-changing Covid protocols, these guidelines may be subject to change. 

Director Sarah Myers welcomes all performers.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script; performers will not need to prepare an audition. This is a staged reading; no memorization is required, and the short rehearsal period is to familiarize the actors with the script and characters. Minimal, if any, blocking will take place.  STAGED READING TAKES PLACE AT 7:30 PM ON JANUARY 4, 2022.

THE STORY: A present-day version of a classic Greek myth, THE MINOTAUR is a contemporary take on love, honor, and human connection. With refreshing originality and wit, it explores how we break out of history to shape new stories for ourselves.

4 men and 2 women

MINOTAUR-a young man. He should be slim, perhaps gaunt. Hungry. Edgy. Sexual. Fierce. An underlying sadness seeps through his outward cruelty and intellectual remove.

ARIADNE-a young woman. Interested in the meaning of love, and life. Intelligent. Spiky. Spunky.

THESEUS-a young man in search of adventure. He’s lived rarefied air, a prep-school boy who’s had every advantage in the world.

PRIEST -a man; he wears a habit, and his intellectualism on his deep black sleeve. The smartest guy in the room-unless God’s there, of course.

RABBI -a woman; she is incredibly warm and not afraid of anyone. She wears a tallis, and under it, billowing clothes.

LAWYER-they come in all shapes and sizes. This one is not atypical. A man in a precisely tailored suit. He is sarcastic, cynical, and to the point.


“…the show comes at you with an intelligent mix of classicism and whimsy…” —The Washington Post.

“…terrific, complex…[THE MINOTAUR] is extraordinarily ambitious…the heady concepts of desire, self-control, and fate make it an absorbing and inventive work.” —The Washingtonian.

“…humanity and thoughtfulness shine through the darkness. THE MINOTAUR hooks you.” —Dallas Voice.

“…a play that pushes through and breaks the boundaries of the kind of storytelling we’d come to expect.” —The Dallas Morning News.

“…90 minutes [of] ripe moments of raw emotion, well-timed zingers, topical modern references, and a world of deeply insightful relatable elements…make this one of the most unique retellings in modern theatre…this riveting new work is simply impressive beyond compare.” —

“…quirky, thoughtful, and entertaining…THE MINOTAUR achieves the rare trifecta of being touching, intelligent, and enjoyable.” —

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