Amherst, Massachusetts, 1882. When the poet Emily’s Dickinson’s brother Austin begins an extramarital affair withMabel Todd, a young social climber half his age, everyone in the family is forced to take sides. Younger sister Lavinia sides with Austin. Emily is torn between loyalty to her brother and her longstanding friendship with his wife Susan, who has been Emily’s confidante since childhood. Austin and Susan’s son Ned is also torn, but for a different reason—like his father, he is in love with Mabel! In an era when private sins were veiled behind a curtain of public morality, who wielded more power, the women or the men? Here, both father and son are caught in the grip of the much more powerful struggles taking place among The Women of Amherst.

Written by Tom Noe, directed by David Kempher and featuring:  Brad Mazik, Melissa Manier, Dominique Bonilla, Andy Barzelli, April Sellers, Dani Mazik, and Eula Milon.



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