‘Night Mother November 2 – 11, 2018

2018-2019 Season Opener!  Maureen Wojciechowski directs Mary Ann Moran and Shelly Overgaard in this emotionally honest, powerful portrait of the ultimate mother/daughter conversation.  New York Magazine called it “…uncompromising, lucid, moving…” and  the NY Times dubbed it “…a shattering evening…”

This eloquent and enthralling play was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.

“The things we as women know best,” Norman has explained, “have not been perceived to be of critical value to society.” The mother-daughter relationship is a “perfect example of that.” At the play’s outset, the middle-aged Jessie announces to her mother, Thelma, that she is going to kill herself. Norman has described the ninety minutes that follow as “the fight of their lives.” Thelma exhorts, cajoles, and pleads with Jessie to abandon her plan. Jessie remains implacable. She feels trapped in the house she and Thelma share. Her husband has abandoned her; her son is a delinquent. She blames her epileptic fits for her failings as a wife and mother and for her inability to hold a job. She also blames the epilepsy—considered emblematic by critics of the plight as a woman in society—for rendering her unconscious and out of control, to be handled and observed by others.

Called by some THE American tragedy, ’night, Mother is a tragedy only in the sense that its characters have missed a lifetime of opportunities to understand each other.  It moves in real time and mesmerizes even as it unfolds to its inevitable conclusion.

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