Other Places

Other Places

by Harold Pinter

Staged Reading

Opens Sunday 9/7/2014


A triple bill by a brilliant writer that explores, in three separate stories, the fragile joy of being alive.

Successfully produced in both London and New York, this …finds the author at the top of his powers. “…the writing does indeed have the same spare eloquence and that depth-charge laconic quality we associate with Pinter.” —NY Post. “He was never less obscure than here, or more profoundly eloquent about the fragile joy of being alive.” —London Daily Telegraph. “…an extraordinary evening that shows Pinter’s gift for pinning down the dream-like oddity of all waking existence.” —The Guardian (UK). “…little gems of human isolation.” —The Standard (London).

The first portion, VICTORIA STATION, is a brilliantly funny yet eerily chilling dialogue between a bewildered taxi driver (who may have gone mad) and the exasperated dispatcher who is trying, without success, to direct him to a waiting fare. The driver, who says he has fallen in love with the passenger who is asleep (or perhaps dead) on his back seat, doesn’t seem to know his own location, much less that of Victoria Station.

The second part of the program, ONE FOR THE ROAD, which is a powerful statement about the abuse of human rights by totalitarian governments, finds an unctuous and “civilized” interrogator humiliating the doomed members of a family who have become enemies of the state.

The final play, A KIND OF ALASKA, is a masterly study of a middle-aged woman waking up from a coma induced by sleeping sickness after thirty years have passed. In her mind she is still sixteen, and her attempts to fathom the changed world into which she reemerges are not only poignant and emotionally charged but, in the end, devastatingly brilliant theater as well.


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