Two Thirds Home by Padraic Lillis

Performance date is Tuesday, August 2, at 7:30pm at 602 E. Mishawaka Avenue, Mishawaka

The Story:    Two brothers, Michael and Paul, return to their childhood home after their mother’s funeral. There, they confront deep-seated issues and Sue, their mother’s surviving lover. Anne, the boys’ mother, had kept her two lives as separate as possible to make things easier on everyone, including herself. What looks to become a fight over who gets the house becomes a more poignant battle over where each person stood in the life of their deceased loved one. The play examines the characters’ relationships from every possible angle. An affecting and resonant drama with a healthy dose of humor, Two Thirds Home explores the ways in which sharing secrets can both create and destroy intimacy.

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“This consistently challenging play speaks not just to the issue at hand but as well to the human need to look at drama as a means of understanding and contextualizing experiences…Lillis’ ear for dialogue and understanding of the myriad ways sibling rivalry plays out in adults is consistently engaging.” —Gay City News.

“TWO THIRDS HOME is riveting and emotionally engaging throughout.” —

“Lillis has a gift for dialogue and an ability to put interesting characters in fresh situations, and his examination of personal privacy versus one’s willingness to be open about sexual orientation touches on an issue that resonates deeply among gays and their straight relatives. He’s a writer to follow.” —

“Surprising laughs emerge often, even on the tail ends of the play’s harshest moments.” —Theater News Online.

“It’s a brave and powerful piece.” —Broadway

“For the boys of TWO THIRDS HOME, the trip back forces them to take stock in their mother as a person, not just a biological connection. The terrifying way they try to reestablish their histories with her makes the play both painful and unforgettable.” —

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